Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March CopyCat: Restoration Hardware Faux Belgian Linen

There is just something so irresistibly crisp and comfy about Belgian linen. Maybe its the understated cool- its casual texture and warmth. Perhaps it has a way of looking so polished and relaxed at the same time. So very Hemingway meets Casablanca. I love the neutral palate and the mottled flecks of dark and light fibers woven throughout. I love texture and Belgian linen is a linen you can feel as you look at it. I believe it is safe to say I love everything about Belgian linen...except its price tag. These yummy curtains on the left are from Restoration Hardware and will set you back $104.99- $599.00 (And that's their sale price!)

Seeing as I am the kind of person who would rather, um, eat for the month than buy delicious Belgian linen curtains; how would you like to learn of a super cheap, super, easy, just as luxurious way to duplicate these darling gems? What would you say if I told you you could have luxuriously long, spill on the floor in extravagant piles, faux Belgian linen curtains for just 10 bucks a piece?

Its true. Let me introduce you to my dear friend, who will make repeat appearances in this blog I assure you: Painters Drop Cloth. Because of its cost effectiveness, durability and versatility, it is a Copycat essential and it is my personal belief that no designers tool box should ever be without it.

You can get painters drop cloth at your local hardware store. I buy mine at Walmart. Just 10 dollars for a pre-hemmed on all sides, 9' x6' sheet.

One you get these beauties home there are many ways you can handle them to transform them into your masterpiece. Some prefer to wash them in loads upon loads of fabric softener and dryer sheets. Some like them pressed and proper. I love their folds and creases so I just shake them out and clip them to the curtain fasteners, hang them from the rods and let them puddle on the floor.

Here are a few pictures of my DIY faux Belgian linen (drop cloth) curtains.

So what have you used painters drop cloth for? I'd love to know!


  1. I'm a photographer and I use one for a neutral backgroundIt's a super large one from Costco.