Friday, August 23, 2013

Copycat Style: Fall 2013 Michael Kors Inspired Rose Gold

 Diary of a Copycat Target Dupes MIchael Kors Rose Gold Fall 2013
Have you ever met a designer that just gets you? Every piece in every collection is just so... perfectly "you"? Well, If I ever had a designer brother from another mother it would be Michael Kors. (I think its because Heidi Klum and I could be twinsies... on another planet, devoid of carbohydrates and 20-20 vision) Season after season, his creations dazzle me! I literally gasp from the perfection... and the price.
Michael, if you happen to read this, I do love your designs, I do. It's just, well, my kids have this terrible habit: they like to eat.  So, for now, I must settle with the occasional TJ maxx clearance score and search the world over for fabulous copycats. Today, I search through  *heavens open, angels sing* Target.
The images on the edge of the photo are all Target finds, priced under $25.00, so they wont break the bank. If you're an online addict shopper like me, just enter "Rose Gold" in the search text box, under the Women's category and you'll find plenty of amazing choices.
Here are my top four, side by side with their Michael Kors inspirations. Starting at the top and working down and to the right:
1. Merona Bracelet Watch with Round Case and Stones- Rose Gold.
Target Stores and Online, $19.00
Compare to: Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Chronograph Glitz Watch, $425.00
2. 2mm Czech Crystals Open ended bracelet- Rose Gold.
Target stores and online. $19.99
3.Silver Plated Pearl Necklace and Earing set- Rose Gold.
Target stores and online. $24.99
4. Women's Xhileration Aviator- Rose Gold.
In store only. $16.99
And, just like that, you have an entire Michael Kors inspired rose gold jewelry set for a quarter of the price of the watch alone. Now that's Copycat Style!
Diary of a copycat Crystal Hansen

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