Monday, April 23, 2012

Must have Monday: Rustic Crate Dynamite Fire Starters

So, to add a  bit of structure to our blog sweet blog and to give you all something to anticipate, I have decided deem Mondays as Must have Mondays.

From here on out, you can expect to find posts on Mondays to feature Must have items that I am lusting after and dreaming about. The items will range from home decor to fashion to well, ANYTHING!

The only criteria is that it must make my Copycat heart sing. You know the type, the things you run across and immediately gasp aloud. 

So without further delay... here the premiere Must have Monday Post: Dynamite Fire starters from Cabelas. (Yes, a sportsman's store... you'd be amazed what you can find there!)

Its not really the starter aspect I love. (Although I am a sucker for functional decor. "Pretty AND usable? Why, YES!"  )  The starters are quite benign, really, but LOOK AT THAT CRATE!!! And the best news yet: It is only $29.99! Just imagine all the goodies that could go in there once you have enjoyed all your great fires! And, I am certain, it will only get better with age!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trend Watch: Color Blocking and home decor

Color Block n.: to use blocks of color, in complementary colors, as focal points in decor.

You may have noticed big squares of color popping up in home design lately. Usually in very bright colors and, like I, wondered' "What's up with that?"

Admittedly, I am a color-phobe. Take one look around my house and you will clearly see a beige jungle. I make no qualms about it: I love neutrals. Its cost effective and safe. But, for creativity sake, lets take a look at this trend and see if we can't, in some sort of safe fashion, find a few ways to incorporate it onto our own decor.

Let's check out some examples of color blocking on the web shall we?

Isn't it pretty and fun? I love how the blocks of color are in rainbow order... and how they match so perfectly with the Gerber daisys on the table. I especially love how color blocking can be combined with white for a super crisp pop. (Although it can tend to lean on the modern side a bit)

There are also varying commitment levels to color blocking ranging from the very high commitment (read: VERY permanent) like this one:
I wonder how long it took to convince the neighbors that this was a good idea?

The there are very low commitment ways of using color blocking, namely using accessories to add punches of color to a relatively neutral room, such as these images below:

Notice the contrast in the color on the pillows? If you took a look at the color wheel at the top of this page you would see the colors are complimentary or sit across from each other on the color wheel. You could draw a straight line from one color directly across to the other.

This DIY color blocked shower curtain from Martha Stewart shows a great low commitment way to add color blocking to a neutral bathroom. I love the coral and fuscia with the hint of teal. Its so modern nautical. Isn't it?

You could just add a few pieces of colored furniture (or better yet, invoke copycat rule #3: Use what you've got) and paint what you have... like this here.
It would be very simple to find a favorite color in the remnant paint section of your favorite hardware store and paint a piece of furniture with a pretty silouette like this chair or sideboard.

And lastly, a color block that makes my little beige loving heart sing:
I think these two toned curtains could make an appearance in my home.

What do you think? Would you copycat color blocking in your home?


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pinterest: Anatomy of a Pin

Pinterest can be confusing. So here is a down and dirty tutorial. (I've always wanted to use that phrase. lol)

Anatomy of a pin
1. The image that is pinned (The pin)
2. The name of the board where you can locate the pin. If you are not the owner of the board you can follow it by clicking the button below. (Because it is my board I can edit it instead of following it)
3. The pinner. This is the owner of the pin you are looking at and the person doing the pinning.
4. You can Repin the image, which simply means place the image on one of your own boards.
5. image source. You can click on this link to take you to the source of the image. Hopefully it is somewhere useful and not just into the vast inter webs. (I hate when that happens) Sadly, I have made the worst offense with this pin and just pinned off the google search engine page. Forgive me.
6. The description of the pin. You can customize this or just steal someone else's when you repin. I am guilty of both.
7. Likes. You can like the image and not repin it. Its a virtual high five to the owner of the board. It certainly makes me smile. Who doesn't like a bit of validation?
8. Repins. The ultimate Pinterest high five. A list of people who liked the image/pi enough to repin it.

So there you have it. A bit of pinterest demystified. I hope it was helpful.


Match any paint color...

... with Chip it! by Sherwin Williams.
With Chip it!, you upload the pin to your tool bar and click it when you see a picture you love. It will automatically scan the picture and match the colors found in it with Sherwin Williams paint colors. With the efficiency that it identifies colors, it has quickly become a copycat essential.
I love the slate wall color of the Tricorn Black and my living room walls are already painted Taupe Tone. (It really should be called winter hot chocolate)
I am definitely inspired. How about you? Want to get started yourself? Just follow the link.
If you found some amazing chips, let me know by posting the link in the comments section of this post.
Happy Chipping,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest: I am addicted

I love to pin beautiful images on my Pinterest pin boards. If that sounds like greek to you- read on.
Pinterest defined...

My pinboards

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a website that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes and like a junkie, I'm hooked.
I found this on pinterest!
I have pinned everything from home decor inspiration to how to make my own laundry detergent and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING has saved me more money, solved more problems or shown me how to do more McGyver-esque cool things like pinterest and I had to share it with you.

Not already a pinner? I can invite you.
Pinterest is currently an invite only site. Want an account? Let me know by commenting below with your email address! I'll be happy to to send you an invite personally!
Happy Pinning,

Inspiration: Subway Signs

Subway signs as graphic wall art seem to be popping up everywhere and I adore them. I think it falls right in line with my love for all things text. I love clocks. I love signs and I love labels. So why wouldn't I love a subway sign? I am contemplating where to put one in my home. They are a bit modern, don't you think? But, with enough noodling (that's copy-speak for good, hard, thinkin') I think I can find a way to add it to my french, industial-modern styled farm home.
Here are some images of subway signs that I love... I hope you love them too. Feel free to pin them to your own pinterest boards. I sure did!

Restoration Hardware
And... although the pic above isnt of subway signs, it is amazingly subway sign inspired and I couldn't help myself. It is all so yummy.
What do you think? Does it deserve to be a future DIY? Would you like to learn how to make one of these signs yourself? Let me know.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Copycat: DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Anthroplogie has many adorable gifts, don't they? Every time I peruse their website I find my self audibly ooh-ing and ahh-ing but then I get to their price and the sticker shock hits me like a ton of bricks. So I thought, in the name of spring, a DIY Anthroplogie Mason Jar Sewing Kit would be perfect for our April Copycat!

Copycat Cost: approx $2.50 per jar.
Here's the anthropologie mason jar in all of its $45.00 glory


       To make our copy cat, simply cut a piece of fabric in a circle out of the painters drop cloth. I used a cup that was about a half of an inch larger than the lid. Separate the flat lid from the ring. Run a bead of glue on the ring. Place the fabric and batting through the ring and "pouf" a bit until you make a pin cushion like dome. Place the lid inside the ring and press together. The glue should saturate the fabric and adhere both to the ring and the lid sealing your pin cushion. Fill your mason jar with your sewing kit contents (found at the dollar store!) and once dry, screw on the lid and tie with a piece of twine.
Then gloat over the $40.00 you saved yourself!

Here's the April Copycat Project Summary Pinterest image to pin to your pinboard for future reference...
(Please excuse my terrible photography.... I'm learning!)

I am so excited these Anthropologie mason jars turned out better than I hoped!!!  I decided to make 2 dozen of them as party favors for a crafting theme baby shower! I added tags that said "Thanks SEW much." and handed them to each guest as they departed. They were a hit! I have a few left... so I will list them for purchase on my Etsy store. They really are adorable, functional and cute!

Product Guide
Ball Mason Jar - Albertsons, 10.00 for 12
Painters Drop Cloth "linen"- Big Lots, 15.00 for 9'x12' sheet
Batting- Salvaged from an old pillow, free
Sewing Kit- Dollar Tree, 1.00
Gorilla Glue- Dollar Tree, 1.00
Twine- Walmart, 3.00 per 25yds.

Happy Copying,

DIY He Laundry Detergent.

You know I love saving money. A penny saved is ....more money to decorate! So, in the name of having more money to make life pretty, here is a cheap, effective and all natural laundry detergent. Did I mention CHEAP?!?!
I was able to find all the ingredients at my local copy-mart. (Walmart for those who aren't fluent in copy-ese yet) I tried and tweaked many recipes from all over the interwebs but this is the one I came up with and like the best. No fillers, no artificial ingredients. He safe and perfect for sensitive skin.
1 c. Borax- Walmart
1c. WASHING soda (Its baking's much stronger counterpart), Walmart
1 bar Dr Bonners Soap (I use peppermint because it smells so pretty and fresh), Trader Joes or Online but you can use Dove mild soap as well.
Multiply the ingredients to make your desired amount. Since we do A LOT of laundry at Copycat Cottage, I make mine by the box (1 box, 1 box and 3 bars... a bit different but still effective) and store it in a pretty glass cookie jar.
1. Grate (with a cheese grater- bought at the dollar store because no one likes soapy cheese) your entire bar of dr bonners soap. I use the fine side.
2. Measure out and add one cup of each: washing soda and borax.
3. Combine in a pretty container and mix.
4. Use 1/4c. powder per load.
That's it. No cooking, very little fuss and you save BUCKS! Now with your money savings and your time savings... go make something beautiful!
And because this is a decorating and crafting blog, i decided to add a link to some pretty laundry images from my favorite image blog: The graphics fairy. 
Happy Copying,

French Country Dining Room Redo...

Ive been planning a redo of my Dining room for quite some time now and am thinking the Hansen cottage needs a quaint country farmhouse style dining room. Room for mr copycat and all the ever growing copy kittens to gather and spend time each night. With every one running in different directions, dinner really is our only family time together. (Noone is too busy for food!)

So, with the goal of creatign a cozy comfortable dining with polish and style- here are some images from Restoration Hardware to give some food for copy-cat thought:


How fast a year flies....

I cant believe its been over a year since my last post! So much has changed. I went from working part time to being a full time childrens minister and it has been a blast. I love connecting with all those babies and parents! But I do miss having time to craft and create. But now that I am getting settled with all the routine and duties, I finally have some mental space to begin crafting and decorating again... so expect a few posts here and there as I hop back into the blogging saddle!

        I've missed you.