Monday, April 23, 2012

Must have Monday: Rustic Crate Dynamite Fire Starters

So, to add a  bit of structure to our blog sweet blog and to give you all something to anticipate, I have decided deem Mondays as Must have Mondays.

From here on out, you can expect to find posts on Mondays to feature Must have items that I am lusting after and dreaming about. The items will range from home decor to fashion to well, ANYTHING!

The only criteria is that it must make my Copycat heart sing. You know the type, the things you run across and immediately gasp aloud. 

So without further delay... here the premiere Must have Monday Post: Dynamite Fire starters from Cabelas. (Yes, a sportsman's store... you'd be amazed what you can find there!)

Its not really the starter aspect I love. (Although I am a sucker for functional decor. "Pretty AND usable? Why, YES!"  )  The starters are quite benign, really, but LOOK AT THAT CRATE!!! And the best news yet: It is only $29.99! Just imagine all the goodies that could go in there once you have enjoyed all your great fires! And, I am certain, it will only get better with age!


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