Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Paint

Remember my recent post admitting my new found lust for all things chalkboard? Well, Mr. Copycat and I took a stroll through our local hardware store today and I asked the kind gal behind the paint counter where the gallons of chalkboard paint were located. She kindly chuckled at me and said, "Its not sold by the gallon. Its only sold by the quart."
"Uh oh." I thought to myself. (Since I never think of anything on the small scale. I had envisioned an entire twenty foot wall covered with the paint! Go Big or Go home, right?) "I'm going to have to sell a kidney."
"Its fifteen dollars for a quart" she said as she shattered my chalkboard dreams into a million of teeny-tiny slate pieces.

Not being one to give up easy or to pay crazy money for design I left the store thinking- where there's a will there's a DIY!!! And so.... here it is:
A tutorial on how to make your own chalkboard paint...
whatever brilliant color your little heart desires... at a fraction of the cost! Read on to learn how to make chalkboard paint yourself.

Things You'll Need:Latex paint with a flat finish (amount will vary based on the painting project)
Unsanded tile grout.
Paintbrush, roller or a sponge
Paint stirrer
150 grit sandpaper
Felt cloth
Dampened towel or sponge
Towels or rags

1. Measure the flat finish latex paint and unsanded tile grout into a container. See Tips for ratio of paint with other ingredients. Your project will dictate how much chalkboard paint you need to make.

2. Mix thoroughly using a paint stirrer, until they are very well blended and there are not any clumps.

3. Apply the paint to the surface that you want to cover using a paintbrush, roller or sponge. Make sure to allow the paint to thoroughly dry before applying another coat of paint.

4. Sand each coat of paint gently, using 150 grit sandpaper.

5.Wipe the dust away using a clean towel or rag. This will help to keep your chalkboard surface nice and smooth.

6. Condition your new chalkboard by turning a piece of chalk sideways and rubbing it over the entire surface of the chalkboard. Make sure that you cover the entire board with the chalk.

7. Clean the chalk off the chalkboard using a soft felt cloth. Dampen the cloth with water and wipe off the chalkboard.

8. Enjoy.

Mixing ratio tips:
•Mixing proportions for the chalkboard paint: 1 part acrylic paint, 1/2 part glazing medium and 1/6 part of powder tile grout. For example, measure 3 tsps. of paint, 1-1/2 teaspoons of glazing medium and 1/2 tsp. powder tile grout. Another example is 6 tsp. of paint, 3 tsp. of glazing medium and 1 tsp. of powder tile grout..
•Use a magnetic primer under your chalkboard paint for a magnetic chalkboard..
•If you are applying the chalkboard paint to a small area such as a section of a door, or message board, mix only 1 cup of paint, making more if needed. For larger areas, simply increase the amount of paint and un-sanded tile grout proportionally..
•Remember, grout dries quickly. Make your "paint" in small batches at a time as it does not keep well.


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