Meet The CopyCat

Meet the CopyCat
Hey there! I'm Crystal, the design copycat.  Why copycat? Well,simply, I have an uncanny knack for reverse engineering the things I see and re-inventing them for less. This is my family of copycats.  Yup, there's four. Plus Mr. Copycat- my ever patient and loving husband and often handyman/slave, ahem, accomplice.

I started Diary Of A Copycat in January of 2011, in part as a response to clear my husband's laptop of all my design inspirations. I also wanted to share; this blog is a place to share my passion of recreating beautiful living spaces and my motto: "Love where you live." with you.

I love recreating beautiful style. I love finding pieces of treasure online, in books and catalogues (I am ADDICTED to design catalogues) and then rummaging through my home, copymart, and other places to recreate styles I love and then "tweak" them to make them a little more me.

Its about making memoriesThis isn't your typical DIY blog. Oh sure, there will be plenty of how- tos, but this is more.  Its a way to think of design and your personal preference and how to do more with less so that you can have more to do more with the people that matter.  Its about re-thinking style and realising that sometimes its about having what you love but its always about loving what you have.  After all, isn't contentment what makes a house truly a home?

I am super excited that you are here! I hope that from this blog you are encouraged to find the copycat within and that you will create a home that you love.

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Come back soon & often.