Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Ledges....

...have completely taken over my thoughts. I am obsessed with them! I dont know if my obsession these past few days with them is unhealthy but it definitely borders on the insane. If you asked me what I love about them I wouldn't know where to start. Their versatility, their changeability, their functionality. The fact that you can place and replace pictures to your hearts content without turning your walls into Swiss cheese makes my comitt-aphobic soul sing.

And lets not even mention that once they're hung you never have to worry if another picture arrangement is level as long as you shall live! Lastly, I like being able to placee different seasonal found objects like topiaries, woodenships and letters!

Being a copycat, I had to scour the internet for some inspiration. Of course it was Pottery Barn that had exactly what my minds eye was picturing.

So here are a few that have caught my eye:

I love the simplicity and the track lighting of this art ledge from Pottery Barn.

DIY design inspiration at its best!
And how cute is this little office?
So, Where have you used art ledges? I'd love to know. Be on the lookout in the following posts for an upcoming copycat and how I use photo ledges in my own home.


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