Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shamful Admission

I have something I need to admit. So, I'm going to admit it- right from the start and get it off my chest. I am not a creative person. *sigh of relief* There I said it. People may say I am but I am not. "But" you say, "you have so many creative things in your home. You design. You invent. How can you not be creative?" The answer is simple: I am a copycat. I spend hours online googling design blogs and other sites like pottery barn and restoration hardware and I store images I love from places like country home and better homes and gardens. The ones that make my heart sing, I deconstruct, tweak and copy. That's it. So, now that my dark secret is revealed I am now free to share with you the tips, tricks and tools of the copycat's trade (which, coincidentally, is exactly what this blog is all about.)

In the posts that are to follow I am going to attempt to share with you my decorating journey of turning the bare walls, naked windows, over-crowded and cluttered spaces into a beautiful, peaceful, and cozy home.

The posts may be infrequent, as having 4 kids at home can run me in 30 bazillion (ask my kids, its a number) different directions but I promise, when I do post, it will be informative, inspirational and insightful.

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