Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trend Watch: Color Blocking and home decor

Color Block n.: to use blocks of color, in complementary colors, as focal points in decor.

You may have noticed big squares of color popping up in home design lately. Usually in very bright colors and, like I, wondered' "What's up with that?"

Admittedly, I am a color-phobe. Take one look around my house and you will clearly see a beige jungle. I make no qualms about it: I love neutrals. Its cost effective and safe. But, for creativity sake, lets take a look at this trend and see if we can't, in some sort of safe fashion, find a few ways to incorporate it onto our own decor.

Let's check out some examples of color blocking on the web shall we?

Isn't it pretty and fun? I love how the blocks of color are in rainbow order... and how they match so perfectly with the Gerber daisys on the table. I especially love how color blocking can be combined with white for a super crisp pop. (Although it can tend to lean on the modern side a bit)

There are also varying commitment levels to color blocking ranging from the very high commitment (read: VERY permanent) like this one:
I wonder how long it took to convince the neighbors that this was a good idea?

The there are very low commitment ways of using color blocking, namely using accessories to add punches of color to a relatively neutral room, such as these images below:

Notice the contrast in the color on the pillows? If you took a look at the color wheel at the top of this page you would see the colors are complimentary or sit across from each other on the color wheel. You could draw a straight line from one color directly across to the other.

This DIY color blocked shower curtain from Martha Stewart shows a great low commitment way to add color blocking to a neutral bathroom. I love the coral and fuscia with the hint of teal. Its so modern nautical. Isn't it?

You could just add a few pieces of colored furniture (or better yet, invoke copycat rule #3: Use what you've got) and paint what you have... like this here.
It would be very simple to find a favorite color in the remnant paint section of your favorite hardware store and paint a piece of furniture with a pretty silouette like this chair or sideboard.

And lastly, a color block that makes my little beige loving heart sing:
I think these two toned curtains could make an appearance in my home.

What do you think? Would you copycat color blocking in your home?


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