Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Copycat: DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Anthroplogie has many adorable gifts, don't they? Every time I peruse their website I find my self audibly ooh-ing and ahh-ing but then I get to their price and the sticker shock hits me like a ton of bricks. So I thought, in the name of spring, a DIY Anthroplogie Mason Jar Sewing Kit would be perfect for our April Copycat!

Copycat Cost: approx $2.50 per jar.
Here's the anthropologie mason jar in all of its $45.00 glory


       To make our copy cat, simply cut a piece of fabric in a circle out of the painters drop cloth. I used a cup that was about a half of an inch larger than the lid. Separate the flat lid from the ring. Run a bead of glue on the ring. Place the fabric and batting through the ring and "pouf" a bit until you make a pin cushion like dome. Place the lid inside the ring and press together. The glue should saturate the fabric and adhere both to the ring and the lid sealing your pin cushion. Fill your mason jar with your sewing kit contents (found at the dollar store!) and once dry, screw on the lid and tie with a piece of twine.
Then gloat over the $40.00 you saved yourself!

Here's the April Copycat Project Summary Pinterest image to pin to your pinboard for future reference...
(Please excuse my terrible photography.... I'm learning!)

I am so excited these Anthropologie mason jars turned out better than I hoped!!!  I decided to make 2 dozen of them as party favors for a crafting theme baby shower! I added tags that said "Thanks SEW much." and handed them to each guest as they departed. They were a hit! I have a few left... so I will list them for purchase on my Etsy store. They really are adorable, functional and cute!

Product Guide
Ball Mason Jar - Albertsons, 10.00 for 12
Painters Drop Cloth "linen"- Big Lots, 15.00 for 9'x12' sheet
Batting- Salvaged from an old pillow, free
Sewing Kit- Dollar Tree, 1.00
Gorilla Glue- Dollar Tree, 1.00
Twine- Walmart, 3.00 per 25yds.

Happy Copying,

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