Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little bit of vintage love...

So I am on a decorating and editig kick at home right now. DOn't ask me how one can have a desire to minimalize AND decorate at the same time but I do. I just feel a need to make home a place that does away with everything that is cluttered and jumbled. I want a place where I can think and relax and.... breathe. While on the search for hanging barn doors ( for a future project that you'll soon see) I stumbled upon these adorable images of old front portch screen doors turned pantry door. I love them! They are so vintage and cute. I am just sad I dont have a pantry like this but not too sad to share it with you. I know there is someone out there who this is just what they need! I hope you enjoy!

This one is from Country Living.

And this gem is from This old house.

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