Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barn doors....

...aren't just for barns anymore! No way. These darling pieces of architectural minimalism are incredible space savers and make the most boring walls look like masterful eye candy. Have a look see for yourself.

This one combines two of my obsessions at the moment- chalk board paint AND Barn Doors. Swoon!

This one is from Hose Beautiful

Better homes and Gardens

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  1. Hey, Kiala told me to check out your site and I saw the barn doors. My bf and i renovated our house in November and he wanted to do barn doors to our closet. I was skeptical, but it worked out great! We love them! we went to the local farm store (easy in NC) and bought all the materials for around $100. We had looked into ordering online and it was more like $500 from 'designers'. The guy at the supply store said someone else had come in and was doing the same idea.